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I Fell From Grace

by Bacter

Part 14: Blow - Downtown Blues

We've skipped work to travel downtown
As Henry'd say "risking a frown"
From our put-upon boss,
Who will probably toss
Us right out (we deserve; we're a clown)

There is one new lady today
Passed out in the first alleyway
She's dirty and cold
But Henry is bold
And shakes her awake just to say:

We leave, leaving her in the rain
And move to familiar terrain
First up: the cult shop
Where we just want to pop
In to make our friend Baldy explain

We head out to see our good friend
Whose shop's life is nearing it's end
He's financially dumb
And now under the thumb
Of the franchise. Hint: 'don't overspend'

Up next we head to the booze shop
Where we'll probably tell him to stop
Selling beer altogether
In favor of leather
Or... maybe a flavored cough drop!

That's the source, now we head to the spring
The bar is where these people bring
Their trouble and woes
Then they deal with those
Getting sloshed next to the boxing ring

We now shuffle on through the shops
To the kleen-mart, the king of quick stops
Though the needles in fruit
Probably is a lawsuit?
And it can't be too long 'till it drops.

There's just one more shop on this block,
So we duck in the rain and we walk
To the place right next door
It's the video store
With the couple and teller we talk

The penultimate place that we go:
The apartments that squat on skid row
They're dirty and small
Barely heated at all
Why are we there? Henry don't know!

There's just one more stop before work
One more chance we get to be a jerk
We to library rush
There to speak with a hush
While we brag 'bout the net, with a smirk.

But wait, we can't yet relax...

...if we look closely deep in the back...

It won't listen to us,
but for someone she trusts...

He gets killed by climbing the stack!