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I Fell From Grace

by Bacter

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Original Thread: Let's Play I Fell From Grace, and hate the protagonist's dumb face!



GENERAL CONTENT WARNING:LP contains some pixel gore, discussions of various forms of abuse, and some of the worst poetry you can possibly imagine.

Update 8 optional bits!

Update 9 optional bits!

Yes, it's part 9-2. Shut up.

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I'm Bacter, and I'm excited to show you this Let's Pl

Hold on. You don't look excited. You look... nervous?

OK. Listen. I normally do Let's Plays because I love the games and want to show them off, right?

You have hated every game you've let's played by the end.

Oh yeah that's pretty common. It's just a thing. I don't hate the GAME, it's the pressure an

Whatever. Ok, so let's allow that. What of it?

Well, I've mainly been playing 'weird horror' adventure games. Unforeseen Incidents and Unavowed are both games I've recently picked up, both are INCREDIBLE, and far, FAR better than this game.

...and you're not doing those games because...

I just feel bad! LPing a skill game like Hyper Light Drifter or Teleglitch might get somebody interested enough to pick up the game. LPing a point n' click adventure game is... the whole game. There's no reason to buy, so I'm probably hurting the developers, just a little bit.

So... I Fell From Grace is bad and you don't mind pulling people away from buying it?

No! Yes? ... Look just let me introduce it.

Alright nerd, tally ho.

Howdy! I'm Bacter. I'm very excited for us to hate this bizarre game together. I Fell From Grace showed up on my... uh Facebook I think actually, where game ads almost never show up. It was a super pixel-y spooky modern horror looking game.

When I saw a review, it reminded me a lot of this game I played with Niggurath set in a ski lodge that was very very good and creepy, so I jumped right on in.

This game is....

Ok. So I've played just flat-out BAD games before. Bad music, bad craftsmanship, bad graphics, no attention to detail, just hogwash.

And I've even LPd one! (Bureau 13, and the game development had a really neat story and a sad ending).

And this is... not that. The graphics are very effective. Some of the pacing and story beats genuinely caught me off guard, in the way a slow-burn horror game should. The music is minimalistic and really, really good actually.

It's just...

I don't know how else to say it.

This game was written by the weird goth kid back in Jr. High School. The ENTIRE GAME is written in rhyming verse.

And it's not good. It's very, VERY, VERY bad rhyming verse.

The main character is the least likeable jerk I have ever come in contact with, and while there are genuinely creepy moments, you're probably as or more likely to just burst out laughing that somebody thought the scene as presented was going to be moving or scary, rather than just... what it....

Look. I've got to show you this game. It's INCREDIBLE.

I'm not asking you to like it, and I'm showing it because I'd genuinely feel bad making you put down money for this. I just need you to see it.



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