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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 15

Finally, someone to talk to..even if it is a jackal.

Gorrister: No. What are you really.
Jackal: Let me answer with a riddle. Today I saw a Chinaman. Now what do you suppose that means?

G: You're AM playing with my mind again!
J: No, but I do have it in with the big machine. He and I are like brothers.

G: Why can't you give me a straight answer?
J: Like so many others down here, I'm cursed to speak in riddles. We all have our curses to bear. Eh, Gorrister?

G: Yeah? What's my curse?
J: After 109 years in the belly of the beast, I'd think you'd have a gut instinct by now.

G: Look, I'm getting tired of your smart mouth!
J: Come, come Gorrister. Forgive and forget.

G: Where do you come from?
J: Here, there, everywhere.

G: So you must know what lies across the mountains?
J: Freedom, for some. If they're cut out for it. It's a long journey across the desert.

G: That desert doesn't look any worse than the other hell holes AM's cooked up for us.
J: Heed my words Gorrister. You'd never make it alone out there. And don't expect me to be a good little doggie and tag along

G: What do you want?
J: I have a craving. A craving for something scrumptious. A human heart perhaps? Yours.

G: I am not going to give you my heart.
J: No? Too bad. I was going to tell you how to get across the mountains in exchange.

That's all Gorrister has to say to the dog for now. He finds a shovel in the trash can to which the jackal replies ,"Be careful where you use that Gorrister. I like to know where the bodies are buried."