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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 16

Go back into the bar and look who Gorrister finds

Thought there were only five humans left alive.

and that's how he'll pretty much answer every question, untill he gets liquored up. Pour him a few drinks and he suddenly starts answering Gorrister's questions...sort of.

Gorrister: Harry. How'd you get here?
Harry: The Zeppelin (pronouncing each syllable like it's it's own word. Zep Pe Lin) Gorrister. We came on the zeppelin.

G: What do you know about the zeppelin?
H: You'll have to talk to Edna. She knows all about the zeppelin. That's why we did it, you know.

G: And just where is my dear Mother-In-Law?
H: I don't know. Good God! I can't stand the sight of her anymore. Can you imagine being kept alive for 109 years just to hear her carping?

G: What did you do?
H: You know Gorrister. You've been to the dining room.

G: What happened in the dining room?
H: I shouldn't have let her force me into it. I'm no murderer.

G: Who did you kill?
H: Didn't look at the wreckage in the dining room too closely yet, did you? Or haven't you had to take a leak yet?

G: Who's heart was impaled on the zepplin's spike?
H: Why, yours, of course. How'd you think we got here?

That's pretty much it for Harry right now. Off to the restroom.