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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 24

Checking the monitors yields very little

She sure seems cheery for someone who's been tortured for over a century.

All of the monitors have a switch. Let's see what happens Ellen pushes the one on the fourth monitor.

Alright. Now she's getting somewhere. It's time to go through the secret passage.

Hmm. Well, back to the monitor room for now. Of course, the only thing of interest in there now is a few loose wires.

Ellen uses her eletrical engineering skills to rejoin the wires...but nothing seems to happen. Maybe if she tried pushing on the wall where the secret passageway is supposed to be, something will happen. She doesn't have any other ideas.

Which leads to the tomb that she saw earlier. Same comment as well.

Not much here to look at.

Because AM is in control. Off to the next room. Probably wont be much there either.