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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 25

Ellen might as well pick it up. I can think of several places a cloth might come in handy.

Ellen flees the room and the cloth

It's ok Ellen. Just try again.

That's how you do it. Take the cloth with you.

Why would all this stuff be in a pyramid?

Ellen heads into the north room, hoping it's not too yellow

Ellen quickly leaves another room. It seems, however, that she might be remembering why she hates yellow so.

There there. It'll be ok...well I can't really say that, but try your best. Let's see what the right room has to offer.

Another oddity that makes Ellen feel more comfortable. At least there isn't much yellow. However, the computers are unusable to her at the moment, so it's back to the only place she hasn't been. The room past the monitors.

Ok. Not only is it very yellow, but there is a roaring sphinx. That cup could be useful, but how to get to it.

Ellen seems more afraid of the yellow than anything else, so maybe if she couldn't see it. What's a way to block sight?

Keep in mind that Ellen wants death just as much as any of the others. Being mauled to death in this case is like popping a zit. It hurts at first, but it'll soon be all over.

Oh well. No respite for Ellen just yet. But at least she has a cup now.

Back to the fountain.