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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 26

Ellen takes a couple of drinks, and fills cup with water one more time for the road.

Now that she's no longer thirsty, let's take a closer look at some of the various rooms around here, starting with the tomb.

She quickly finds out that the sarcophagus is locked and when she tries to use the keypad

Ellen: Who are you?
Anubis: I am Anubis. Guardian of the dead

E: Why won't you let me use the keypad?
A: I must protect this tomb from all who would rob it

E: I am not a grave robber.
A: What purpose could you have other than to steal something?

E: I wont steal anything. I just need to know if you can tell me where AM's original brain components are.
A: I only guard the souls of the dead. I know nothing of that which does not sing the song of death.

E: Answer me this. Who's sealed up in that scary sarcophagus?
A: A terror, that even in it's entombment, torments your very soul.

E: Can the sarcophagus lid be opened?
A: The lid can be unlocked by entering the access code on the keypad

E: Ok. So what's the access code?
A: I can reveal such information only to that which I serve

E: Who do yo serve?
A: I serve only the master.

E: Who is the master? Is it AM?
A: AM is all. We live in the mind and the body of AM. I serve that whom I serve

E: Come on. Give me a break. You seem to be the only thing that isn's run by AM. Slip a relay, help me out! You know what Hell is, and I'm in it.
A: I serve only the master.

Ellen wonders if there is anything she (or Vlaphor forgot). She heads into the next room and finds one thing that should've been picked up earlier

Taking the forceps and leaving, Ellen comntemplates why Anubis is being difficult. Maybe he's just being that way because he's hot and dry. Maybe a splash of water will cool him down.

Ok. Turns out that he's a machine. Ellen can get to the keypad now, bit wihtout the access code, it's somewhat useless. Let's see if Anubis has anything Ellen can use.

Rom chip in hand, Ellen heads back to the computer room to see what she can do with it.

Middle computer needs a CD, right computer needs an access code, and left computer doesn't seem to be powered on.

It's missing a gem like the other two have...wait. Didn't Ellen see a gem in the connecting room. It shouldn't be too hard to walk over and pick it up.

If yellow is the problem, then just don't look at it. If you can't do that, then make it so you can't look at it. Ellen puts on the blindfold once again and removes the gem with no trouble. Now it's off to the computer room.

She inserts the rom chip

Anubis will now tell her what she needs to know.

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