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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 29

Heading back to the elevator exit, Ellen takes a closer look at the machine with the exposed wires.

...and suddenly, a face appears in the midst of a waterfall.

Ellen: Are you AM?
Face: Yes, of course. But no, not actually

E: More riddles?
F: I'm AM's innocence. One of the original three computers that the superpowers constructed.

E: Which computer are you?
F: Does it matter? It's enough for you to know that I'm not crazy. And more important, that I don't hate you.

E: How do I know you're not just one of AM's practical jokes?
F: I'll help you.

E: Can you help me to die?
F: You give up so easily.

E: Screw you! It's been 109 years of torment. When will it all end?
F: If AM has his way...never. You'll be immortal, and you'll walk on nails forever.

E: Can you help me to get out of here?
F: Patience, patience. If AM knew we were down here murmuring treason...

E: Oh, my God! Can AM overhear us?
F: Not with the water running. See, we're not completly helpless...we got you to the waterfall didn't we? If we work slowly, and together, we might have a successful moment.

E: Can you point out some essential component of AM so that I can kneecap it?
F: Impossible. Too spread out, filling the center of the planet. Too protected by replicating back-up systems. Cut off one head, AM will grow a dozen more.

E: Any machine can die. Just unplug the sucker.
F: AM is no longer a machine. It is God. Eternal. The redundant systems alone will survive the heat-death of the universe.

(though that was important enough to have it's own screens)

E: So, can you help me with anything?
F: I'll give you something you need. Something you overlooked.