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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 28

After slugging him with the Holy Grail a few times, he goes down like a plie of cloth

Yes. It's called an elevator.

Not much else here at the moment besides the box of wires to the right.

Well, might as well head back to the computer room. Got some new numbers to try out as passwords on the right computer

Ellen seems to have overcome her problem with yellow. So that's one part of the fight against AM. Now she just needs to find a way to destroy all these circuits. But for now, let's just see what the computer can tell her,

Let's try 2012, the year Ellen was raped.

Let's ask about

Allied Mastercomputer

The Princliple of Entropy

Translex Neurobinder

Ok. AM is probably the one, but who are the other two?

Ellen remembers a big pile of electronic parts in the first room of the pyramid. In fact, the first room was a big pile of electronic parts.