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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 36

How can Benny amend for his past? Maybe he can do something to protect the child. Maybe he can steal the lottery bag and do...something. Benny isn't sure yet, but he knows it's a step in the right direction.

Can't get it just yet, maybe he'll leave later.

Benny decides to see what else is in the village. Maybe the leader will be gone when he returns.

Outside the caves, Benny finds a loose piece of twine. Tugging on it causes a piece of fruit to fall from the basket. Benny takes the fruit and heads to the rightmost cave.

Benny decides to head back to the glowing room and see if the elder is still there.

Success! Benny grabs the bag and heads back to the child's room looking for a place to hide the bag.

A-Ha. A small hole in the corner of the cave.

No. Not a good idea. It could still be found there, and besides, Benny's former comrades might want to see it as proof that Benny has changed. Benny changes his mind and takes the bag back and heads to the graves.

Benny shows the bag to the far right grave.

Benny buries the bag as told.

Benny pushes aside the vines.

Benny only has one thing he can bury. The fruit.

and from the fruit, a flower grows.

Having made amends for his past, Benny now decides to call it a night. He goes back to the child's cave and goes to sleep.