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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 37

Waking up from his short sleep, Benny looks around to make sure the child is still there.

Since the bag is gone, hopefully never. Benny decides to check up on the village elder to see his reaction to the missing bag.

It's probably just as good that the elder is gone for now. Benny sees a new flickering on the video screen.

AM still wants a sacrifice. Best to get back to the cave and warn the child.

Benny tries to remember where he might have seen a head. Of course, the sacrifice.

Nothing creepy about that at all no sir.

What might make a good body? Wood would probably be the best, but where could Benny find wood that he could use. The only wood he remembers are the baskets in the food storage, but the guard won't let him im. Benny has an idea. First leaving the cave and pulling on the twine to get another piece of fruit, he heads to the food cave and shows the guards his fruit.

Taking the wood and leaving, Benny heads back to the cave with the boy.

Benny wonders what could be used for tieing stuff together and thinks of the vines he saw by the graves. Not wanting to disturb those, Benny decides to head to the only cave he has yet to be in and finds vines along the wall.

Ick. On the bright side however, wire would work even better than vines for tieing the head to the body.

With the boy safely hidden, Benny decides that he's had enough for one day, is ready to go to sleep again, when he notices something on the screen.