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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 40

Maybe the imprisoned man could tell Nimdok more about this place.

Nimdok: You know me?
Prisoner: I though I did--before you had me arrested for refusing to condone your experiments.

N: Experiments? I know nothing of experiments!
P: Your sense of humor is as sick as your methods, doctor. How can you act so innocent after having maimed or killed hundreds in the name of science?

N: You are saying we were colleagues of some kind? Ridiculous!
P: There's no need to distance yourself from me. I was once your friend. Now I am your enemy.

N: Why would I bother to have you imprisoned like this?
P: The Regime needed answers, but I stood in your way. Well, now you have them.

N: Do you know of the Lost Tribe? I must find it!
P: Haven;t you taken enough subjects for your experiments, doctor? Or are there more mass graves to fill?

N: I know nothing of what you talk about! This conversation is over.

Learning little and even more confused, Nimdok heads to the medical building.

Not much else in this room, just a poster.

Off to the room in the back, to do whatever it is that Nimdok is supposed to do.

Nimdok: What am I to do?
Anesthetist: Ah. You are testing me because I am new here. Today's procedure requires the removal of the lower section of the subject's spinal cord.

N: What is the purpose of such a procedure?
A: You and Dr. Mengele will process the spinal fluid from this and the other adolescent subjects. The fluid will then be used to formulate the serum.

N: What is the nature of the serum?
A: I can not reveal sensitive Regime secrets in a public setting! You need not worry doctor. I remember my military training as well as my medical knowledge.

N: What is Dr. Mengele's position?
A: Dr. Mengele is the master surgeon of this facility and one of the Regime's finest minds. You are fortunate to be his assistant.

N: What is your function?
A: I will be administering ether to the subject throughout this procedure. We would not want this little maggot to stir and ruin your handiwork.

This is not a procedure Nimdok wants to do. He'd much rather just take the ether and leave to help anyone else who is in pain.

Nimdok ponders his options and comes up with one that suprises even himself. He grabs the scalpel.

Grabbing the ether, Nimdok tries to escape out the front door, but overhears guards talking about arresting him, so he heads out the back way.

Though there is no door other than the one he came in, there is a very big vent in the back. Nimdok pushes it open and heads to..

Aside from the ovens and the documents, the only thing that Nimdok finds here are

The watch has an engraving, but it is in latin.


Nimdok takes them both and exits out the back door.