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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 41

The door leads back the same place Nimdok started his little quest at, but luckily, the guard doesn't notice him. Nimdok does notice something though.

Nimdok: Why do you risk escaping in such poor physical condition?
Caught: The timing was hardly of my own choosing! I learned that I was to be the next batch of 'volunteers'.

N: For what were you being given the privilage to volunteer?
C: Experimentation, they say. Extinction is more like it. Surely you of all people know of the Regime's plan for the Lost Tribe!

N: I will summon one of the doctors.
C: No, I'm better off here then under the knives of you butchers!

N: I will call the guard.
C: Why? So the guard can taunt me as I die a slow death? You can at least help me end my misery! That would give you the pleasure of seeing another one of die, you cold-hearted bastard!

Perhaps there is something Nimdok can do to end his misery. He applies the ether to the wounded man.

Then uses his pliers to cut the wire.

The man seems thankful to Nimdok and divulges some info.