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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 42

Maybe the other prisoner thinks differently of Nimdok now that he has helped the caught man?

Well, perhaps not. Maybe he will still answer questions though.

Best way to cut wire is the pliers that Nimdok has now. He hands them to the prisoner.

With nothing more to do here, Nimdok heads back to the operating room to see if there is anyway he can help the youth on the operating table.

As he heads into the recieveing room, Nimdok hears a PA announcement

Nimdok heads into the operating room, only to find that the child is gone, and has been replaced by a man.

The kind of man you might admire, right Nimdok?

Nimdok looks behind him and sees a jar

What could there be?

Seeing that the man is in severe pain, Nimdok does all he can do and administers ether.

Upon recieving the ether, the eyeless man goes into a sort of trance

Before Nimdok leaves, he disconnects the wires as the man requests, and keeps the jar...and the eyes.