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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 43

Shortly after entering the main room, Nimdok hears another PA.

Nimdok decides that walking head on into the escapees may not be a good idea, and decides to hide in the back. First though, he looks for a way to hide his cargo as walking around with a pair of eyes in a jar might not look so good if caught.

Nimdok sees the box on the table and hides the jar in there.

Well, not really hidden. It just looks like Nimdok is carrying a box full of papers and eyeballs, but we can suspend disbelief for right now. Nimdok heads towards the recovery room where he finds a fourth person on the stretchers.

Nimdok: Do you know who I am?
Child: You are Nimdok. You are more frightening in person than in legend.

N: What do you know of me?
C: The things you do are terrible. We small ones are your lab rats.

N: Are you saying that the doctors here have been using children for experimentation?
C: No, not all the doctors. You and Dr. Menegle sent all the good doctors to the prison yard.

N: So, I am a legend to you.
C: Yes, but we have our own legends. Legends that owe nothing to the Regime. You will fail, no matter how many of us you cut apart!

N: Why do you say the Regime will fail?
C: The golem will finish you. It will not be mastered by your Regime! The golem will wake up, and when it sees with its own eyes the evil you have done, it will turn on you and save us.

After hearing what the child spoke, Nimdok feels he is ready to go to the prisoners and attempt to fix what he may or may not have done.

(if you are wondering why I'm doing so many small posts, it's because I accidentally closed firefox while I was writing the post and had to redo the first two posts of Nimdok's story. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!)