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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 48

Last person for AM's game is Ted.

And thus, Ted is sent to a strange cave, with a familiar bird that briefly flies overhead.

Fuck AM. Ted decides to do his own thing.

Well, maybe not.

None of these video screens show anything interesting, but one does catch Ted's eye.

Let's push the switch on that one.

That's just you being paranoid...still, I would get inside if I were you.

You would know. Not much here though to disguise that stone though. Just a carpet, some armor and a couple of tapestries.

Speaking of Ellen...

Ted: Can you walk?
Ellen: No, I'm too weak. I haven't been out of this bed in ages.

T: Do you know if there is a way we can escape this place?
E: I searched the entire castle grounds before I became ill. There's no escape for me but death.

T: No! I won't let you die!
E: I can't take this suffering any more, Ted. The things I've endured! Help me to die with dignity. Don't let anyone violate me again, even in death.

T: No, don't go! I need you. We need you.
E: If you really care for me, Ted, bring me my hand mirror.

T: Where is your mirror?
E: I left it on my dressing table. Bring it to me.

E: Ted! Please tell me you found my mirror!
T: I looked on your dressing table. Your mirror's not there.
E: You have to find it Ted! It's the only thing keeping my stepmother away, and it's the only thing that can end my suffering.