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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 49

Ted goes to search the castle for a hand mirror.

First going through the door with the pentagram above it.

Of course. In fact, besides the gargoyles and the stone chairs and the dimly lit fires, the only thing of interest is that golden thing in the background.

Ted decides to keep it anyway. He heads out into the main room and hears what sounds like howling. He's pretty sure it's just paranoia, but decides to close the door anyway.

Ted looks in his hand and sees the gargoyle icon. "It looks kind of like a pin" thinks Ted, maybe it'll fit.

Execellent. Ted closes the door...and it swings back open.

If the door wont shut, then make it so it can't open. Ted pushes the armor in front of the door.

With whatever may or may not be out there not getting in, Ted resumes his search of the castle. Next door, the top-right one.