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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 53

Heading to the only other place the people could be, Ted heads up the secret passageway.

Ted: What have you done to Ellen, you old witch?
Witch: Ah! Our prince has finally arrived. Now we can begin our ritual.

T: Why do you call me a prince?
W: Isn't that you want to be to Ellen? Her Prince Charming? I need someone to gain her trust, break down her defenses. It's a part you've played many times in the real world.

T: What ritual are you talking about?
W: A sacrifice. A trade. Ellen's life in exchange for safe passage through the gate.

T: What's this about a gate?
W: The gate is a passage into the surface world. It is the only way out of this place.

T: What's supposed to be my role in this ritual?
W: I need you to destroy Ellen's mirror. She's been using it to keep me away from her. I want you to break it so that I can complete what I have started.

T: So you just want me to break the mirror?
W: It is not that simple. The mirror holds great power. It can only be broken in the magic circle.

T: Why can't you destroy the mirror itself?
W: I am aging rapidly, and despite my powers, I am a slave to vanity. I can't bring myself to look in the mirror.

T: Where is Ellen's mirror?
W: It is on her dressing table.

T: I looked on the dressing table. The mirror's not there.
W: You must find that mirror! It has great magical properties! Without it, I can not guarantee that I can complete the ceremony.

T: Why can't you open the gate without the mirror?
W: There are other's who have an interest in Ellen's fate. That mirror may be the only way to keep meddlers from interfering.

T: What if I can't find the mirror?
W: Then go to the devil!

T: What's in it for me if I help you?
W: An opportunity to escape AM's tortures forever.

T: Maybe there is something else I can do for you instead?
W: Well, it has been along time since my husband left. If you can satisfy my needs as a woman, I will help you to escape.

Ted thinks about it for just a second, then comes to the conclusion that if he was going to betray Ellen, he would have done so with the scutlery maid.

T: I'm not going to make love to you! I would never betray my love for Ellen!
W: You do a very good job of playing Prince Charming! But I know you better than that! Destroy the mirror, and I will let you escape into the surface world.

T: I ought to kill you instead!
W: Oh, do we fancy ourselves the avenging knight? My magic is much more powerful than any physical force you can muster! Be gone!

Angry, Ted heads back to check on Ellen to see how she is doing.