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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 54

Not a few seconds after Ted walks into Ellen's room, a red poof of smoke appears and out comes...

Ted: Who are you?
Devil: I'm a devil of course. Why else would I have this pointed tail?

T: What do you want?
D: Ellen's soul. That's a valuble commodity where I come from.

T: Can you tell me where Ellen's mirror is?
D: Sorry. I don't bother around with such material things. They only bring about bad luck.

T: Please, go away!
D: Try to understand my position. I can't leave because there is an angel coming to take away her soul. If I step out and your friend croaks, the holy eunuch spirits the goods off to Heaven.

Ted quickly tries to get Ellen's attention.

Ted quickly leaves and intensifies his search for the mirror, and also perhaps, a way to deal with the witch.