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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 55

Ted thinks about where else the mirror could be and realizes that there is only one other place he hasn't looked. The maid's bedroom.

Sadly he has no way of opening it...then he remembers something about an unlocking demon and a mystical circle. He heads back to the witch's bedroom to look it over again. When he gets there however, he sees something else that catches his eye.

Armed with the info and the spell, Ted heads back to confront the witch.

Ted suddenly has a little bit of trouble remembering which one it is, but is pretty sure the last word began with "T"

The witch falls to the ground, dropping her chalk in the process. Ted is weary about finishing whatever dark work the witch was doing, but at the same time, he needs to get into the maid's bedroom. Ted finishes the symbol.

(AM may not have a computer sounding voice, but the demon Surgat sounds right on. I uploaded a file to the online HD. Check it out. Surgat enters.wav)

Ted: Who are you?
Surgat: I'm Surgat, opener of locks. AM and I are brothers, more or less.

T: Are you saying that you're another AM?
S: It would be more accurate to say that I am a part of him...a part he doesn't know exists.

T: What kind of locks can you open?
S: I can open anything. Doors to a boudoir, doors to another world.

T: What were you saying about a trade?
S: I can return to my sphere of origin only if we complete a trade. I will unlock something for you if you give me something in return.

T: Can you lock the castle's front door?
S: Do I look like a higher order demon to you? I can only unlock doors, I can't lock them!

T: Can you open a gate to the surface world?
S: Now that's a tall order, and the only thing you've got is a little love. Not exactly true love, but the closest thing to it in a world of five real people, more or less.

T: You say love has trading value?
S: Love is a very rare and precious trading commodity down here. It is worth much at the barganing table. Betray your love for Ellen, give me her soul, and I'll open a gate to the surface world.

It seems everyone around here wants Ted to betray Ellen in one form or another, but Ted must remain strong.

T: How about taking the witch's soul instead?
S: No, I don't want that old hag! I want something that you value.

He doesn't want to escape that badly, but there is a door he needs unlocked.

T: Can you unlock the maid's bedroom door?
S: Ordinarily, that would be an easy task, but this planar travel has sapped my energy. Give me something juicy to revitalize me, and I'll perform your little parlour trick.

The only thing with any juice on it that Ted has is the bloody shard of glass. he hands it to Surgat and the demon quickly licks it dry.

S: Ah, that's much better! I fell my energy revived. Now what were you asking me human?

T: Can you unlock the maid's bedroom door?
S: There, it is done. A trivial little task, one not even requiring any pyrotechnics. The maid's boudoir is open for your inspection.

T: I don't believe that you can unlock the maid's bedroom door from here.
S: Well, then, why don't you go down to the kitchen and see for yourself?

Ted decides to see if Surgat is telling the truth, and if he is, to see if the mirror is in the bedroom.