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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 56

Heading down the kitchen, Ted discovers that Surgat has indeed opened the door. Ted enters the bedroom and looks around, finding no handmirror and not much else...except for an unusual tapestry on the wall.

That appears to be the very same mirror that the devil claimed to have had no knowledge about. Ted feels a bit foolish for trusting a devil, and heads back to confront him.

However as he walks into the room, an angel appears on the other side of the bed. Ted will talk to the angel in a bit, but right now, he's more concerned with the mirror.

Well, now Ted has a very vague idea of where to look for it. For now, he has a few questions for the angel.

Ted: What do you want?
Angel: Ellen has suffered much, and has earned her place in paradise. I have come to guide her soul into heaven.

T: Can you tell me where Ellen's mirror is?
A: No, I haven't seen her mirror. If I knew where it was, I would use it to get rid of my fallen brother.

T: Why is everyone so interested in the mirror?
A: Mirros harbor incalcuable power in this sphere. They repel some and attract others.

T: What power does this mirror have over Ellen?
A: It can bring about either her salvation or destruction. Her fate now rests on your shoulder.

T: What can you tell me about the devil?
A: Do not listen to him! His kind means only destruction and woe.

T: Who is this Surgat I've heard about?
A: Avoid the demon! He has caused us all trouble on more than one occasion.

T: Please, save us!
A: Fear not, salvation is at hand.

Ted feels better after having talked to the angel, but is still clueless about where to find the mirror. He decides to look at the libraries and maybe do a little research into places an angel wouldn't go.