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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 57

Ted heads into the master bedroom first and ponders over what book to read. There are only two that deal with religious themes, and while Faust brings him nothing, the Divine Comedy holds a suprise all it's own.

Ted takes the mirror and rushes back to Ellen, handing her the mirror.

"Ellen is dead" the angel remarks. "God have mercy on her soul"

Well, Ellen is no longer in pain, but her soul is stuck until one of them leaves. The angel mentioned that the mirror had power to do away with the devil. Let's see what he meant.

The devil taken care of, Ellen's soul can finally find peace.

Ted heads back to Surgat to give him the news.

The only thing that Ted has is the mirror with the devil. He breaks it inside the circle.

and Ted is what.

Before anything else happens, Ted vanishes and AM quotes that there is nothing else to be done here.