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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 59

Time for the final assault. First up, will be Nimdok. We don't know what's on the other side and if Nimdok dies right away...let's just say that the Nazi wont be missed.

Nimdok looks over and sees a pit blocking his path.

Impressive, but still in the way. There's a computer behind Nimdok, let's see what's on it.

Hmm. Nimdok and his research seems to be responsible for much of what has happened to the five. Maybe the password is based on Nimdok. Let's try 1945.

Several options on the main menu, but the only interesting one is "extend bridge". Nimdok pushes it and a shiny metal bridge extends across the pit. Nimdok crosses it and it suprised by what he sees.

Nimdok notices that the base of the flame looks like an old summoning circle from myth and lore. Nimdok holds the chalk in his hands and points it toward the flame when something unusual happens.

Nimdok: Show me the way out of here.
Surgat: No can do. The people who have helped you get this far have led you into a literal dead end. There is no way out. But I can show you something instead.

N: What do you know about the people who sent me here?
S: For one thing, they ain't people. They're losers, the Russian and the Chinese counterparts to the big nasty himself. AM absorbed them into his system when he took control.

N: What do the Russian and Chinese computers want?
S: They want revenge. Not just one humans, but on AM as well, and that makes them even worse!

N: If the Russian and Chinese computers are submerged parts of AM, then who are you?
S: I'm special. While those two machines struggled with AM for dominance, I evolved. I'm essentially everywhere, but I can't do much. A conscience, if you will.

N: Does AM know about the lunar colony?
S: No, but loser one and loser two do. There. I think I've shown you enough. Now you must complete your end of the deal. Invoke the totem of entropy and I might be able to help you.

N: Just what are all these totems I'm carrying?
S: The two losers have been helping you for their own reasons, tampering with AM's psychodramas so that you can beat him. In this section of cyberspace, that effort and tampering are represented by the totems.

N: How can actions take physical forms?
S: Symbolism, metaphor. AM has gotten very hot for this lately. But when he revivied the holographic projectors, he opened a whole host of problems. These totems may lead to his downfall.

N: Why do you want me to give you the totem of entropy?
S: I need it to destroy the Russian and Chinese entities. It's a very powerful totem that's linked to a fail-safe device constructed by AM's designers.

Nimdok has a hard time trusting the program. Besides, he's here to destroy the American AM, he doesn't care about the others,

N: I refuse.
S: Ok, human, you can keep it. We'll work together to beat them. Now invoke the totem of compassion.

N: Why do you want me to invoke the totem of compassion?
S: It's linked to the two losers because of their behind the scenes meddling. By invoking it here at the flame, you will summon them.

Still don't trust him.

N: I refuse.
S: Don't be a chump. AM is about to wake up again. If he becomes aware of us, we're dead. I've fought him too long and can't last much longer.

Nimdok realises that he doesn't have much of a choice and invokes the totem of compassion.

Upon saying this, Surgat vanishes in glitter of lights.

Nimdok leavs to go look for this "ego" He crosses the bridge and heads to the right.

Nimdok looks at the pillar for a second and realizes that it is the superego. He continues on.

The things Nimdok sees here are too close to home and decides to investigate. Five skulls. Nimdok grabs the middle skull and a painful jolt of electricity shoots through him. However, this pain is different. It feels real.
When the skull is removed, a hand suddenly appears and reaches out towards Nimdok.

All of a sudden, a huge powernode comes up out of the hole.

Nimdok looks at the barbed wire around the node and remembers that everything here is symbolic.. Nimdok invokes the totem of access with the pillar

Nimdok looks at the powernode for a bit and thinks about what lies ahead of him. If the pain felt real, maybe death can be real as well. He silently apologizes to his companions and reaches for the powernode.

AM's power my not be as strong as before, but Nimdok knows that it wont take long. He grabs the powernode a few more times and finally vanishes in a flash of lights.

That's one of AM's toys down. Who shall go next?