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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 60

Gorrister is next. He saw what Nimdok did and decides to head the other way.

That's probably not the ego. If anything, it'd be the id. Ted decides not to mess with AM's evil side and continues on down the path.

Curious about the console, the "holographic projector", Ted tinkers with it a bit to see what he can get.

Gorrister moves on.

Another hole in the ground, another console. Ted decides to see what he can do with the computer.

'Raise Power Node'

Wonder what is in these cylinders. Push 'open cylinder #1'

From the looks of things, only cylinder 3 is active.

Gorrister quickly logs off and runs to what appears to be Glynis.

All she does is repeat what was said ealier at the honky-tonk. Then Gorrister remembers about the totems. He has one as well. A totem of life. He invokes it on the facsimilie of Glynis.

Without saying a word, Glynis stands up, walks over to the pillar and powers it down. She walks back to the cylinder and goes back to 'sleep', but she leaves Gorrister with these final words.

Like Nimdok, Gorrister sees his chance at freedom from AM, and he takes it.