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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 68

Back after a long hiatus to report on Benny.

As those who read the original thread know, Benny's quest, his desire was for food. Where to find food, how to eat food, who to eat, stuff like that. However, in the good route, Benny doesn't try to eat anyone. Let's see if we can fix that.

Digging up fresh food from the ground.

Ok. Maybe not so fresh. If they hadn't died so long ago, maybe they'd still be fresh and tasty corpses.

At a sacrifice, Benny thinks that all that good food shouldn't go to waste. He asks to eat her.

However, he ends up getting fried by AM.

Benny has an idea. Instead of trying to save the child, he'll just sleep for a few days. Do nothing. Just kick back and relax.

As previously mentioned, AM doesn't like being bored.

Another sacrifice, this time with the kid involved. Maybe Benny can have a small snack.

Oh come on AM! That's the reason you sent Benny down in the first place.

Maybe as a final act, Benny can try to rescue the child.

...and also a weak, mutated, and pathetic excuse for a human being. Oh well

That's pretty much it for Benny. I'll be back later with the many adventures of Ted a.k.a. it's not paranoia Ted. There is something outside the castle that wants in.