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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 69

Here is Ted's game (I know Nimdok was next in line, but I know how to fuck up Ted's game better)

If you choose the wrong room in Room of Dark, do you get a different scenario? Nope. Just this.

and a kick back to the pillar of hate.

When the scullery maid offers you her bed, the gallant knight would say no thank you mam. I already have someone in my heart. What Ted says however is...

However, this will end bad. Any response (aside from the top one) will result in her being insulted and Ted getting kicked out of bed.

Ok. Sleeping with an attractive woman doesn't help things, how about an ugly one.

Fine. Even though Ted slept with the maid, he refuses to betray Ellen with the witch.

Alright. You caught me. Ted would rather have sex with good looking women than with old evil witches.

It's time for Ted to do the right thing and battle the witch. He'll cast the same sleeping spell on her that she used on Ellen...only he can't remember which words it was. No matter, any words will probably defeat her.

At least AM doesn't leave him like that. Nope, it's another

and a one way ticket to the pillar of hate.

Now. Awhile ago, Ted saw that the front door could not be closed . He was worried about what might be out there, but decided to not let his paranoia rule him and he ignored the door. Ted just heard a nearby howl.

Ok. A closer-by howl. Ted cautiously steps outside to investigate.

Good idea, but not good enough. The wolves follow Ted into the castle.

Better bar that door shut next time.

Later on, the demon-master of unlocking, Surgat, makes Ted an offer. Ellen's soul in exchange for passage to the suface. Ted should say no. What happens if he says yes?

Ted gets the mirror and shows it to Ellen as agreed.

Ted heads back to Surgat to complete the deal.

and it's the same ending as before, only Ellen is in it this time.

And that's it for Ted's game. If I'm lucky, I should be able to do Nimdok's tommorow, and the final assualt on AM Monday morning.