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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

by Vlaphor

Part 70

Here is Nimdok's game

First off, Nimdok is asked to remove a lower part of the (child) patient's spine. What the good Nimdok should do is kill the other guy and steal the ether. Here is what happens if you go through with it.

Heading back into the operating room later on, Nimdok finds a patient who's eyes have been removed and are connected to wires and in a glass jar. Good Nimdok gives ether to ease pain before taking eyes, bad Nimdok just takes.

Heading into the back, Nimdok finds the child he mutilated.

The prisoners have escaped! Nimdok tries to leave through the front door, saying that maybe he can undo what he has done, but he forgot to hide the eyes.

The prisoner smacks them out of Nimdok's hands.

Let's pretend for a second that none of the above happened. Nimdok did all the right things, escapes, activates the golem and heads outside.

He tells the golem to follow him outside and they both meet a member of the lost tribe. Nimdok has several options here. Here is one of them.

The golem crushes the member of the lost tribe

Also, if you don't fry Mengele's mind with the mirror, he will follow you outside. That gives you another option.

The golem crushes Menegele

That's about it for how you can screw up Nimdok's game. I'll post the Attack on AM as soon as I can.