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Part 19: Pacifist Run - Sector 9

Even though I worked my ass off due to some fuckup by Youtube this is the first late Iji update. Sorry guys, time to go punish myself as per my IRL Rules I placed on myself.

By the way, I’ve done an extra playthrough and got the Pacifist Ribbon dialog, I’m going to put it in the Pacifist Run Sector X post.

In this episode of Let’s Play Iji, DIALOG!

Sector 9

Enjoy all the dialog from the Tasen outpost.

Tasen Log above the door to the Tasen Stronghold
The only difference is this doesn’t mention being unsure if the Human anomaly is working with the Komato.

Tasen Strong Hold Converstaions

Tasen Elite on the left side of the middle level – First talk
Elite: So you’re not the one who contacted the Komato? I had my doubts, but Vateilika’s never lied. Much. I don’t know what you’ve been through, but we trust you in here. You’re not that violent, otherwise you’d be too dangerous to be let in.
Iji: Well, thanks.

Tasen Elite on the left side of the middle level – Second talk
Elite: I would say I’m still skeptical about who killed Krotera, but it doesn’t matter now. Most of us think he got what he deserved.
Iji: So you didn’t like him either?
Elite: Let me put it this way – he would’ve woken up with a swarm of Blits on his face sooner or later.
Iji: Ugh…

Tasen Elite on the left side of the middle level – Final talk
Elite: Hmm… now that would be something. A gun that shoots Blits.

Tasen Elite on the left side of the bottom level – First talk
Elite: What use is it now?
Iji: What?
Elite: The Alpha Strike is coming. There’s nothing left for us. We’re counting the cycles…
Iji: Don’t think like that, I’m gonna stop the Strike!
Elite: Huh! I’d laugh if you weren’t serious. I’d rather face death with respect than lie to myself!

Tasen Elite on the left side of the bottom level – Second talk
Iji: I’m heading for Sector X to talk sense into the General. Then you’ll see
Elite: See what? Your burning corpse bouncing back here?
Iji: I’m serious! You won’t know if it works until you tired!

Tasen Elite on the left side of the bottom level – Final talk
Elite: Humph. Good luck.

Tasen Commander on the left side of the bottom level – Only talk
Commander: There was a Soldier here who went through that teleporter. Like it’d be safer outside than in here…

Tasen Commander in the middle of the bottom level – First talk
Commander: Hey, you here to save us or something? Whatcha gonna do, shoot their fleet down?
Iji: No, I –
Commander: Whatever! That Iosa comes here, we’ll show her what we’re made of!

Tasen Commander in the middle of the bottom level – Final talk
Commander: Lost my whole squad to that Annihilator… She’s gonna pay.

Tasen Elite in the middle of the bottom level – First talk
Elite: What are you wandering around here for? There may be more Komato teams coming, and someone said Annihilator Iosa is closing in!
Iji: You mean she’s nearby? How will an Annihilator fit in here?
Elite: Iosa is one of the few who can survive outside the exoskeleton, and what’s worse, she’s invinicible! Don’t blame me if she prances over here and cuts you in two!

Tasen Elite in the middle of the bottom level – Second talk
Elite: Iosa’s squad landed right after the assault forces. She tore a path through the perimeter, and only stopped to specifically kill anyone who dared damage her troops. There was nothing we could do.
Iji: I’m sorry to hear that…
Elite: We’re responsible for this mess, anyway. We Alpha Struck Iosa’s homeworld, and the whole war started because of us.
Iji: No it didn’t! It’s all the Komato’s fault!
Elite: Tch! What do you know, Anomaly? It’s easy for an outsider to say who’s right and wrong, but the Tasen broke away from the Komato specifically because we disagreed with their goals. We rebelled because we wanted to make a stand! You think they just randomly grew a grudge?
Iji: …
Elite: Once you question, you put your life on the line. We’re proud of what we’ve done – we did our best to change the Komato – and don’t you dare believe anything else. What your kids get left behind to get Alpha Struck too, and we’ll see how YOU will look on your future!
Iji: I, I… hhh.

Tasen Elite in the middle of the bottom level – Final talk
Elite: Who cares what caused what? This is where we are right now, hiding from an Alpha Strike on some lousy remote planet. I don’t care what you say, so spare your breath.

Tasen Elite on the right side of the bottom level – First talk
Iji: How are you holding up in here?
Grand Elite: It’s a strange feeling for us all. We may be moments from death, and suddenly people start worrying about things they never cared about. Like swinging between apathy and terror… I used to be Grand Elite of the fleet, but now it doesn’t matter.
Iji: You mean you were in charge of the Tasen fleet?
Grand Elite: I was part of the command, yes, right next to that bastard Krotera. Ours was the only escape fleet to leave Elem Sioz intact. I once served under Hel Sarie, the most thoughtful and caring superior I’ve had… those days are so distant, they might as well have been a dream.

Tasen Elite on the right side of the bottom level – Second talk
Iji: Don’t worry, I’m heading for the Komato General to stop the Alpha Strike. I won’t let you guys die.
Elite: Hmm. That might work, if the Komato weren’t after you too.
Iji: They are, but –
Elite: If you made it this far, it won’t matter. Hel Sarie had the same spirit. General Tor respected her, even befriended her. He changed when the war started… it might have been the pressure and opinions of those closest to him.

Tasen Elite on the right side of the bottom level – Final talk
Grand Elite: If you want to stop the Strike, then do it. You’re the only one left with that kind of motivation.

Tasen Commander on the right side of the middle level – First talk
Commander: Damn it, there’s not a single Elite left alive out there! I should’ve kept my mouth shut.
Iji: What do you mean?
Commander: I hurt a lot of people. I dealt in illegal weapons behind Krotera’s back. I respected the man – he took initiatives few others would take. I feel like I betrayed him, and now the Alpha Strike…

Tasen Commander on the right side of the middle level – Final talk
Commander: Just leave me alone, okay?

Tasen Commander on the next to the CFIS – First talk
Commander: Ha ha ha! You’re really something else, Anomaly. Never thought I’d meet you in person!
Iji: What, you know me?
Commander: All of us do! Vateilika put an MPFB in Krotera’s back when he threatened to kill you, and once the Komato arrived, she personally scanned our communicator’s log to make sure you weren’t the one who sent for their help. You owe her a lot!
Iji: Well, I didn’t call them, but they still attacked, so…
Commander: Yep, we think they saw through the fake transmission we sent on behalf of their scout team. We’re so far behind on Komato technology, we probably did all sorts of things wrong with it. Trying to fool a General, for starters! Ha ha!
Iji: Th-this isn’t something to laugh about!

Tasen Commander on the next to the CFIS – Second talk
Commander: I’ve always felt pretty good about impossible situations. They found me laughing on the floor after a raid on my squad’s ship once, half dead with a door frame through the arm. No sense being glum about it, you know? I survived!
Iji: Hhh, heh.
Commander: Actually, the Komato have a tightly controlled view of death to keep the Army and their breeding colonies in line. Most of ‘em don’t fear the loss of their own life, as each generation exists to make the next one better. They can aim for something thousands of starturns into the future, without regret that they won’t witness it themselves. They trust their young completely. Iosa is the only one who wants to be immortal, but she’s kind of a special case.
Iji: Special case? You mean she really is immortal?
Commander: Nah, age will get her like anyone else – but give someone that much power and they’ll soon forget how fragile they are.

Tasen Commander on the next to the CFIS – Final talk
Iji: Sorry, I don’t have time to talk about this anymore.
Commander: Hey, neither do I. Alpha Strikes don’t wait around! Ha ha.

Tasen Log right before Deep Sector teleporter
Author: Tasen Soldier KG111:PAIE
Subject: I’m so happy!
Dear logbook, my girlfriend just called me… she’s alive!!! I knew it! I knew it all along! Now we’ll meet up and hide where the Komato will never, ever find us. We’ll go far from this defense base, even outside the colony borders to find some humans to help us. When this is all over, I’ll make sure to find the “Human anomaly”, and thank her for sparing my girlfriend. Yes, she saw her – but she didn’t kill her. I don’t know why, but my girlfriend said that the human’s eyes looked sad as she headed up the lift to Elite Krotera’s room… as if she, too, didn’t really want to fight anyone. Forgive me for crying, I’m so ashamed to be happy right now… oh, and someone said that this defense base was the final Tasen outpost, and when it had been destroyed… we would be extinct. Maybe… just maybe… the human will stop the Komato before they Alpha Strike us. Wouldn’t that be nice? A planet for my girlfriend and me. I’m sure we could live together with the surviving humans. I guess that’s why I’m happy… ‘cause I’m alive, against these impossible odds. Well, time to go! <3

I always thought it was a little odd that they give you nine other Tasen to talk to but you can’t talk to the girlfriend. Also where does she keep getting these logbooks?

Komato Log at the bottom of Deep Sector
Author: Komato Assassin 02384-56102-37456
Subject: Regroup, retreat, relax
You know what I think about it already. Asha’s a loon and I don’t see a single one of us sticking to him now. Let’s all meet up and wait out the orders to head back to lower orbit. If the Anomaly gets here, feel free to fight her though. As always, if you start taking heavy damage then just make a run for it. Even if you drop part of your Nanofield or even some ammo behind, don’t let her kill you. This has always been our tactic, so stick to it. I don’t want to lose any of you. /Ansaksie