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Part 21: Secrets

The final update for Iji, and it’s a doosy. Sorry for having two lengthy cutscenes in this video but they are 1 and a half new. I felt it was the best way to show off the features. Without further ado:


LPer Note
Toxic Seahorse calls himself ‘a boxing teahorse’ on SA, slight error I didn’t realize till the video was uploading.

That’s it, no logs. The only logs are in the video, and they’re all worth reading and I give you the time to so go ahead, read them.


Shedrakzo posted:

Wait a minute, did you already show off  Anni the Annihilator ?

Wait what?

Daniel's Base - Sector 7 page posted:

Cracker's hideout
After beating the game at least once on any difficulty, go to the lift at (C), ride it up into a tiny dead end, and shoot the cracked wall to the right with an explosive weapon. Enter the teleporter and keep walking right to reach the cracker's hideout. In here you'll find three logbooks; one containing lots of weird quotes about my games, one detailing many various secrets, and one describing how to find the Null driver (see Sector Z).

In the cracker's hideout is a small Komato Annihilator doll in the background. Touch it with the use key to make it say "Terminate" and "Annihilate" in a high-pitched voice. This is an inside reference to how the Annihilator's voice actor during recording tried some silly voices after a series of dark, growling ones.

Apparently there were some things I still didn't know about in the game. Thanks to Shedrakzo for pointing this out for me.

Final Thoughts
I’d like to thank everyone one last time for watching, I know I’m not the funniest but I like to think my 100% attitude brings something to the plate. Before I go I leave you with this, a picture I could not find a use for and a video of the creator of the game, Daniel Remar, beating Ultimoral Tor at Maximum Charge. Watch, enjoy, be amazed.

Ultimortal Maximum Charge Tor

a boxing teahorse was originally going to make a video of Ultimortal Maximum Charge Tor for me, but the recording would never cooperate. He attempted Tor about 10/20 times, and beat him twice, both times the recording was messed up at parts. But we did get this because of it.