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Part 3: Episode 3: Larry King Simulator

As you've now learned, you can talk to any enemy type in the game if you meet up with them in the DOASys!

The interface to talk to one of them is pretty simple. First, you choose a type of question...

Then, finally you choose a subject. There are some general subjects ("perfect", "the garden"), and otherwise there are bosses ("Medusa", "Chance"), and items ("Stunya", "Hex"). The subjects that show up when you talk to someone is random. There are probably 30 subjects to choose from, I haven't really counted.

This adds up to mean that there is a lot of available dialog in this game.

So, let's talk to David. There's no real portrait picture for our hero, Number Five. So, I've resurrected Number Four's brain-frying portrait as a stand-in.

Number Five - interviews - David

Number Five: "What is: The Garden?"
David: "This is. I think it's supposed to be some kind of Eden metaphor. Only, this garden is full of snakes."

Number Five: "What is: The Perfect 1?"
David: "He's the one who controls this whole thing."

Number Five: "What is: Stunya?"
David: "A stun gun."

Number Five: "What is: Hex?"
David: "A grenade, more or less."

Number Five: "Where is: The Garden?"
David: "You're in it. It's everywhere. I don't think you can get outside of it."

Number Five: "Where is: Perfect 1?"
David: "I think he lives in the spire."

Number Five: "Where is: Stunya?"
David: "Downtown.

Number Five: "Where is: Hex?"
David: "Downtown."

Apparently we're in "The Garden", and some guy called "Perfect 1" runs the show. Some of these goons can also tell us what items do, and where to find them. I am unsure if the advice on location is accurate, though. From what I understand, items can spawn anywhere.

I chose to talk to a character who isn't very talkative, and we only had 4 topics to choose from. We can potentially learn a lot from dialogue like this, but there's a lot of it, and most of it is pretty worthless. It's about as worthwhile as any JRPG where you can talk to absolutely everyone in town. I recommend that we come back once we have questions we want answered.

NOTE: I'm sure everyone reading was eagerly hoping for the Larry King Simulator. I'm sorry to admit that this was just a ruse to gain your interest. I am really hoping not to sit here in the DOASYS asking question after question. Besides, now we can finally play the game!

Hooray! We can finally play!

The DOASys that we're in is going to our home base for essentially the whole game. This is the only place where you won't get attacked, and it is the only place that refills your stats immediately. If nothing else, this is because of Agility, which runs out quickly and refills on its own slowly.

So, the player is usually forced to hang around here. And this is pretty much where the game starts. We would jump out, kill some enemies, build our stats, and jump back in. Probably, we would do that dozens of times. Eventually we would adventure out, get items, kill bosses, and come back here. At least, that's what I suggest we go about it. We've got a lot of stat-building by the end of the game, after all.

But we have options, and we don't have to start out stat-building. So we might as well vote on it!

What should Number Five do?
(A) I want to see combat! Get to work and start grinding those stats up!
(B) I wanna see items! Go to the outskirts and find some items for us!
(C) I've played this game and I know that there's a boss just a few steps away: Medusa! Go take her on with your starting-game stats! Also, I'm stupid!
(D) I want you to talk to people in the DOASys right now! I read EULAs for fun! I don't know what entertainment is!

(I'll simply count the votes and choose the winner when I start the next update)