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Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

by macnbc

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Original Thread: Let's Save Time and Space! The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime [VLP]


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Let's Play The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime!

What’s this Journeyman Project business? Is this like that NBC show that got cancelled a couple years back?
No, it’s not the TV show, go away. The Journeyman Project is a series of first-person adventure games released in the 1990s, developed by the now-defunct Presto Studios. The first game was one of the first CD-ROM adventure games ever released, coming out just a few months before the Myst franchise started up. In the games you play an agent in the Temporal Security Agency (TSA) who saves history, and you do it a lot better than Jean Claude Van Damme ever did. Although the acting is at about the same level. The Journeyman games won a bunch of awards and got some pretty good press when they came out, but they’ve been gradually forgotten about over time.

Wait! I played Journeyman Project! Why is this called Pegasus Prime? Why does it look different?
Pegasus Prime is a remake of the first title of the series. It was released in 1997 for the Mac OS and the Apple Pippin console that sold like 14 copies. It’s really hard to find a copy of the game, and even if you do get one, you’ll need a Mac OS 9 emulator to run it. (For this LP, I’m using Sheepshaver.)

The game features the exact same plot (and nearly identical gameplay) to the original, but with totally reworked prerendered graphics. To give an idea, this thing that looks like a kid’s toy is actually an evil robot coming to kill you in the original game:

and this walking death machine is from the remake:

Yeah, exactly.

I’m aiming to release videos roughly twice a week. There is some optional video content that gives backstory in the game that I’ll release as bonus material along the way. I am not aiming for a perfect score, but if a puzzle offers multiple solutions (which some do), I am going to be taking the path that offers the highest score/most loot. I know someone else tried to do this LP once before and it was a fucking trainwreck, so please feel free to make suggestions and I’ll try to make this one better and not ruin people’s precious childhood memories.

There aren’t a bunch of spoilers in this game, but remember to use spoiler tags!

You: Gage Blackwood, Agent 5 of the TSA. You’re going to save the world. Maybe. While you’re undoubtably a highly trained and qualified person to get recruited to protect all of human history, others don’t seem to think you’re all that hot shit.

The AI: Your Artificial Intelligence Biochip. The only emotion the AI ever seems to feel is a vague sort of contempt. Her assigned tasks seem to be to nag at you like she’s your Mother and offer extremely obvious and unhelpful advice about immediate dangers, also like your Mother. Unfortunately, there’s no mute button for this harpy.

The Villain: What’s the point of being a Timecop if nobody’s going to try and change history amiright? Gage discovered during the course of his investigation that the one ultimately responsible for the attempt to change history was Dr. Elliot Sinclair, the inventor of time travel technology. He has apparently sent a trio of hostile androids into the past to achieve his goals.

Minor recurring characters - these are people who pop up in all the Journeyman games, but are mostly just cameos in this one.

Jack Baldwin: Commissioner of the TSA. He doesn’t seem to like you.

Michelle Visard: Agent 3 of the TSA. She barely seems to like you.

Game Introduction Viddler 
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Bonus Content #1 (From Chapter 2)Viddler
Bonus Content #2 (From Chapter 3)Viddler
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