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Jurassic Park: Trespasser

by Homphgomph

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Original Thread: My Name is John Parker Hammond and this is Jurassic Park: Trespasser



Hello friends and welcome! Me (homphgomph/Joe), my sister Katie (ginko) and my good buddy Jesse (zelgadisA027123) will be noodling through the 1998 classic First Person Shooter/Adventure for the Windows PC, Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

What is this Trespasser?
Per wikipedia, Trespasser was initially billed as a “digital sequel” to the 1997 movie, Lost World: Jurassic Park. The game is, at its core, a First Person Shooter that was really trying to do some incredible things for the time and was actually ahead of the curve in a lot of ways. A game with real time physics, huge explorable landscapes, no HUD, voice work by Minnie Driver and Sir Richard Attenborough, set in the Jurassic Park universe all sounds pretty rad on paper. However, due to rushed development, some lofty goals, and youthful ego, the game fell a weeeeee bit short on delivering. The final product is riddled with bugs, maps with very little to do or see, bad AI, and some very silly walk animations.

There’s something incredibly appealing to me about this beautiful mess however, when everything is working as intended this game can be legitimately cool, scary, and endearing. It’s my intention to share a glimpse of that magic with you.

What will this LP consist of?
I’ll be trying to show off everything I can in this game but ultimately, this will be a pretty chill playthrough of a very unintentionally silly game, ginko has seen this game before, zelgadis has not. I’ll be using the Trespasser CE mod to help it run nicely on modern computers, only down side is the dinos don't jump but don't worry, I'll be showing off some jumping dinos at some point. I’ll also be dipping into the ATX mod to show off some of the crazier behind the scenes kind of stuff with this game.

Updates will typically be up on Friday with maybe some other Jurassic Park games sprinkled in before each Friday update if we have the chance to record some.

If you somehow have access to this game and want to follow along, there's a weirdly active web site with patches/mods/custom levels for this 21 year old game, it’s pretty cool.

Before we get rolling, I can’t recommend enough the LP by ResearchIndicates that introduced me to this game.

Youtube Playlist


Part 1 - The Beach

Part 2 - The Jungle Road

Part 3 - The Industrial Jungle

Part 4 - The Town

Part 5 - The Lab

Part 6 - The Ascent - Part 1

Part 7 - The Ascent (Part 2)

Part 8 - The Summit

Bonus Stuff
Batter Up
A Deeper Look
Burly Brawl/Level Editor

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