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Part 2: Characters

(In order of appearance. Click the mugshots for full versions)

Pit: (Antony Del Rio)

The protagonist. Unlike most other Nintendo main-characters, Pit never shuts up. Typically light-hearted and playful but can be genuinely serious when necessary. Hugely devoted to the goddess Palutena, frequently traveling to the ends of the earth for her sake. He’s the captain of her royal bodyguards, the Centurions, and is far and away the strongest of them, despite his size. He’s also a crack shot.

Palutena: (Ali Hillis)

The Goddess of Light. Kind and benevolent protector of the human race, she uses her powers for their benefit. She was kidnapped during the events of Kid Icarus and it was Pit’s job to rescue her from the Underworld. Using her powers, she can grant Pit the ability of flight for up to five minutes at a time. She communicates with Pit via telepathy through most of the game.

Medusa: (Cree Summer)

She and Palutena originally cooperated in ruling over Angel Land, but where Palutena loved and fostered humankind, Medusa had a malevolent attitude towards them and took to spreading famine and turning people to stone. Palutena banished Medusa to the Underworld, kicking off the events to Kid Icarus. Now, after 25 years, she’s somehow revived and is now hell-bent on finishing what she started.

Magnus: (Fred Tatasciore)

Magnus is considered the mightiest human in the world and is an experienced mercenary. He takes his work seriously but can oftentimes be sarcastic, and he doesn't have much patience for Pit's lollygagging. He says he's motivated by money, but the Underworld Army took his child's life. Who's to say for certain?

Pandora: (Nika Futterman)

The Goddess of Calamity. She's very relaxed and sarcastic, even during battle, but she's every bit as dangerous as she seems. She's a big fan of non-Euclidean geometry and her Labyrinth is full of fake passages and trap doors. She's the owner of the Mirror of Truth, an object used to multiply Medusa's army, and is thus one of Medusa's most valuable assets.

Dark Pit: (Antony Del Rio)

A manifestation of Pit's darker side. Aggressive, serious, arrogant, and believes himself to be the true Pit, claiming Pit is the fake. His creation was premature, and as a result he has no allegiance to anybody, and he works only for himself. He is equipped with Pit's arsenal and abilities, mirroring Pit down to the details.

Poseidon: (Fred Tatasciore)

The God of the Sea. While he prefers to keep to his domain, he nonetheless remains sensitive to the land-dwellers plights and has just as big a bone to pick with the Underworld Army as they do. He helps Pit and Palutena reach Thanatos in his undersea palace, but as his powers are limited to the oceans, he's largely, and frustratingly, powerless.

Thanatos: (Dany Mann)

Medusa's second-in-command and the God of death. As the Underworld is the "land of the dead", Thanatos theoretically has more power than Medusa, but he's not interested in domination and lets her have her fun. He's flamboyant, childish, and lazy. He's a master of camouflage, able to shift his physical form into nearly anything he wants.


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Medusa: (Cree Summer)

She was originally defeated 25 years ago, during the events of the original Kid Icarus, but she was revived just prior to Uprising. How she revived was a mystery, even to herself, but she didn't ask questions and she didn't waste any time picking up where she left off: killing Palutena and taking over Angel Land and the Earth. Upon her defeat, it was revealed that she was merely an appetizer compared to the main course.

Hades: (Stuart Scott Bullock)

The true leader of the Underworld. Knowing the immense hatred for Palutena Medusa had, he resurrected her, to try her hand at revenge a second time. Nobody knew about his involvement in anything until Medusa's defeat, where he revealed himself as the man behind the curtain. As for why - only he knows. So far.

Viridi: (Hynden Walch)

Viridi, the Goddess of Nature. She takes her job very seriously and is very protective of nature, in all its true forms - something that humanity has abused and perverted over their years. As a result, Viridi is a vocal and ardent antagonist to all of humankind, and wishes for nothing more to see them exterminated so that nature can resume its course, free from humanity's evils.

Cragalanche: (...)


Arlon the Serene: (Troy Baker)

Styling himself as a prim and proper gentleman and something of a nanny to Viridi, Arlon is her commanding officer and, despite his appearance, is capable of extreme, immense power, demonstrated by how he can power an entire space station by himself. He's very proper, curt, and keeps a calm demeanor (hence his name) but he's quick to the defense when pushed about his loyalty.

Phosphora: (Kari Wahlgren)

Phosphora behaves as a stuck-up and generally bratty teenager, but she's loyal to her superiors and flirtatious to even her enemies if they're cute enough. Though her allegiance is with Viridi, her wanderlust keeps her from staying in one place for too long. She has natural control over lightning and all its properties, making her extremely fast and powerful.

Pyrrhon: (Troy Baker)

Pyrrhon, the Sun God. Appropriately has supernatural power over fire. Pyrrhon is loud, boastful, and has an ego the size to match the star he governs. He's loaded to the brim with all sorts of trivia, which comes in handy against the new threat, the Aurum. Though he works to suppress the Aurum with Pit, his allegiance is to his own. The other gods find him annoying at the best of times.

The Chariot Master: (Alan Oppenheimer)

Known by many names over his lifetime, he is now simply known as "The Chariot Master". He owns and controls the Lightning Chariot, a vehicle that moves at the speed of light and pulled by a pair of unicorns named Phos and Lux. He's old, tired, and ready to "retire", but he first needs to find a successor worthy to take up the reins...

Dyntos: (Alan Oppenheimer)

Dyntos, the God of the Forge. The creator of the original Sacred Treasures. Using his forge, he's capable of creating anything - including life. He thinks very highly of himself and his creations, and when he's tasked to, he enjoys the challenge of creating stronger weapons to deal with stronger threats. He's very cautious of who he leaves in charge of his weaponry, though, and often puts his "customers" to the test before he can trust them with his work.