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Original Thread: Rack up some serious Nintendogs trainer points in Kid Icarus: Uprising!



Kid Icarus was a game first released for the NES in 1987, developed by Intelligent Systems (the devils behind the Fire Emblem and Paper Mario series') and re-released for numerous platforms since then, including on the Gameboy Advance in 2004 and again on the Wii's Virtual Console in 2007. It received a sequel in 1991 for the Gameboy, called Kid Icarus: Of Myths And Monsters. The first game was designed by Toru Osawa and Yoshio Sakamoto (yes, Yoshio Sakamoto.)

Then, for twenty years, nothing important happened. The series, and its protagonist Pit, sat on their laurels, yearning for a return to the spotlight and yearning for a taste of the good ole' days. Eventually, some plucky upstart named Masahiro Sakurai, the creator for Kirby and Super Smash Brothers (among others) decided he needed some holes to fill in his roster for Super Smash Brothers Brawl, to be released in 2008. Among his choices were a peripheral; the protagonist from a game Nintendo refuses to even attempt to port over; and our friend, Pit.

Naturally, with Pit’s inclusion came a surge of interest from the player-base, and before you knew it, Sakurai had banded together a team calling themselves Project Sora, with the sole purpose of creating a new Kid Icarus game for the 3DS.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was announced at E3 2010, and released on March 23, 2012. Project Sora shut down on June 30th of the same year.


Every level, the player can collect more and more weapons, each with their own unique values and properties. At the end of each level, you can choose to keep which weapons for yourself, or to sell them for Hearts. With the weapons, I intend to keep each and every one, and letting you decide which I should sell and which I should fuse. I’ll use the fused weapon for the next two videos, for better or for worse, then I’ll ask you again to choose which to sell/buy/fuse.

For instance, say I collect four weapons. You could choose to tell me to sell the second, then combine the third and fourth ones, then combine that with the first one (possibly. I'll explain in the third update). Not always is the final product going to be superior to whatever’s come out from the first fusion: there’s a certain value that weapons cannot ever exceed, and if the resulting weapon goes over that value, it has to lose some attributes to bring it back down. Maybe that weapon only has one attribute that makes it so good? Too bad, now it’s a piece of shit and your final product is something lame.

I’ll be selling duplicate items by default, though, with a bias for keeping weapons of higher value. Otherwise, I’d get pretty bogged down by weapons in a flash.

Abilities are a bit different: because of their nature, and for the thousands of thousands of combinations you can bring into any level, I’ll be handling those on my own. Abilities aren’t nearly as integral to the gameplay as your weapon of choice, so my weapon is still going to determine how well my journey goes.

It’s for the 3DS? Nobody wants to watch your cellphone-camera LP

As far as I understand it, getting a 3DS emulator is going to be extraordinarily difficult, if not straight up impossible, so it’s not likely that goon-quality LPs of any 3DS games are going to be available for free.

So, if you want to make a goon-quality LP of a 3DS game, be prepared to spend some money. Consider this a testimonial: you can easily get a hold of this guy and throw him a chunk of change to hard-mod your 3DS (not the XL, unfortunately) to allow for video capture. You can either send in your own, or you can pay him extra to buy one for you, and he’ll ship it with everything installed and still in the box. The whole setup works like a dream and captures flawlessly. Of course, there are always risks that come with shipping your stuff somewhere for some man to tinker with and send back, but, he came through for me, and according to his support forum he’s been doing this for a while.

As of this post, the software for the capture device doesn’t support 3D capture, but the man behind the machine says he’s working on that.

Here’s a picture of what the final video might look like after capture and before editing.


Chapter 1: The Return of PalutenaYoutubeBlip
Chapter 2: Magnus and the Dark LordYoutubeBlip
Update 3: Menus, Powers, and WeaponsYoutube Post
Chapter 3: Heads of the HewdrawYoutubeBlip
Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of SightYoutubeBlip
Chapter 5: Pandora's Labyrinth of DeceitYoutubeBlip
Chapter 6: Dark PitYoutubeBlip
Chapter 7: The Seafloor PalaceYoutubeBlip
Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate ShipYoutubeBlip
Chapter 8 Alternate flight pathYoutube 
Chapter 9: Medusa's Final BattleYoutubeBlip
Multiplayer 1Youtube 

Chapter 10: The Wish SeedYoutubeBlip
Chapter 11: Viridi, The Goddess of NatureYoutubeBlip
Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset BombYoutubeBlip
Chapter 13: The Lunar SanctumYoutubeBlip
Chapter 14: Lightning BattleYoutubeBlip
Chapter 15: Mysterious InvadersYoutubeBlip
Chapter 16: The Aurum HiveYoutubeBlip
Chapter 17: The Aurum BrainYoutubeBlip
Multiplayer 2Youtube 
Chapter 18: The Ring of ChaosYoutubeBlip
Chapter 18 SpeedrunYoutube 
Chapter 19: The Lightning ChariotYoutubeBlip
Chapter 20: Palutena's TempleYoutubeBlip
Chapter 21: The Chaos VortexYoutubeBlip
Chapter 22: Scorched FeathersYoutubeBlip
Chapter 23: Lord of the UnderworldYoutubeBlip
Chapter 24: The Three TrialsYoutubeBlip
Chapter 25: The War's EndYoutubeBlip
Boss RushYoutubeBlip




HelloWinter barely gives the thread time to breathe before dropping this bomb:

When asked what weapon I should bring in to the next two levels, HelloWinter made her vote very clear:

But then Bruceski fought back with his own vote...

...only to see that evilspacehopper had provided backup!

KevinCow may not have made this for the thread, but I'll take any excuse to post neat fan-made Kid Icarus stuff here:

He also couldn't just let the LP end. He had to let it end in style.

Goon Tournament

DoctorWhat took it upon himself to do a Kid Icarus: Uprising goon-tournament, but it never really managed to take off due to lack of interest (it was missing just one entrant!). Still, Roundabout Route made a pretty sweet logo for it, and we wouldn't want to see it wasted.

Speaking of Roundabout Route, he takes it upon himself to research interviews and articles about Sakurai's involvement and philosophies with Kid Icarus: Uprising, and game design in general.

Welcome to the Behind the Scenes section! This post will be the dumping ground for any cool little facts, anecdotes, interviews, videos, and other media whatnot that give you, the viewer, a glimpse into the world behind Kid Icarus.

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