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Part 1: Clan Creation Part I


The story of our tribe goes back many years. Before the dragons came and went, before the gods first arrived to teach us the great secrets of names, of pots, and of the marking bone, before the first wolf made himself enemy of our people, and long before the great tribe-making moot, the world was savage and cold, and the race of man lived in misery and suffering. We will go over this time but briefly, so that you understand what came before, but I know what part of our history you're really here for.

Like all good stories, it is about cows.

There once was a time when gods and people walked the earth together. Your clan traces its ancestry back to those times. Your clan history begins when you joined the forces of the storm god Orlanth. Back then, Orlanth was simply one of many upstart, rebellious gods bent upon conquest of the world. Orlanth's unique contributions at that time were personal honor and a close kinship to the other deities who seemed to be on the winning side.

After many tribulations, adventures and discoveries Orlanth proved himself worthy of marrying Ernalda, the Earth Mother. The two of them created the Marriage Ring and established great harmony in the world through this sacred bonding. Our clan took part in the wedding ceremony. Most clans either whooped with Orlanth or learned a secret from Ernalda. A few clans stood with Elmal, God of Horses and the Sun, as an honour guard.

How did our clan prepare for the great marriage?

Our men and women donned gleaming armour and stood guard with Elmal to protect the celebrants from Orlanth's many enemies.

Our men whooped with Orlanth and drank the Eight Known Drinks, so that their heads would hurt during the ceremony.

Our women withdrew with Ernalda and learned a List of Names, which they promised not to repeat to the men.

Welcome to the King of Dragon Pass LP! King of Dragon Pass is a PC game from 1999, and a rejection of traditional video game graphics values. Visuals consist of painted scenes, text boxes, and the occasional set of sprites for your clan lands. It was the only game ever made by A#, and it's easy to see why--this is not and never could have been a mainstream success. It's set in the pen and paper RPG setting Glorantha, the world HeroQuest and RuneQuest were set in, and they were influential enough in their time.

The core mechanic of King of Dragon Pass is being presented with choices--there's a clan-management simulation attached, which mainly serves as a way to string together events and trials your clan faces. When things get going there will be a clan ring of seven noted members of the community, but for now you're going in blind--so I'll help you understand the consequences of your choices.

In general, the primary consequence of these choices is to set the tone of our clan. A clan that follows in the footsteps of its ancestors will have strong magic, great luck, and content thanes. A clan that breaks tradition and defies the gods will have none of these things. For this particular question, we determine who should be the chief of the clan--a follower of Orlanth, Elmal, or Ernalda.

Unlike most of the questions during clan generation, this one has a 'right' answer. Followers of Orlanth have higher leadership, followers of Elmal have higher combat, and followers of Ernalda have higher plants. Given that the primary role of the chief is to lead the clan, following the king of the gods is the most solid choice.