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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

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Original Thread: King of Dragon Pass: Epic fantasy means fantasy about cows.


Supplemental information: Clans we know of.

Supplemental information: Gods our people pray to.

Supplemental information: The legends of our people.

How Things Begin, The Sword Story,The Contests, The Storm Age, The Making of the Storm Tribe, Humakt the Champion, Issaries the Conciliator, Lhankor Mhy finds the Truth, Orlanth and Aroka, Orlanth the Justice Bringer, Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars, The Great Darkness, Elmal Guards the Stead, Uralda's Blessing, and Ernalda Feeds the Tribe.

Supplemental information: The Lightbringer's Quest.
The Journey West, The Sea Journey, Luathela, The Underworld, Orlanth and Yelm, The Ritual of the Net, and The Return.

Supplemental information: All about the Orlanthi.

History, The Dragonkill WarThe Dragonkill War, The Pharaoh, Early Settlements, CalendarCalendar, Chaos, Page 1 + Page 2, Deities, Page 1 + Page 2, Forigners, Glossary, Heortland, Law, Regional Map, Runes

Where can I get this game? Good old Games? Steam?

Er, no, you can get this game by dollars to A# games, and then waiting for someone to get off their lazy tush and burn you a copy of the CD and then mail it to you.

You could also comb or the like, but the prices are staggeringly random. Someone's selling a new copy for seventy bucks there.

How can I get it to run in Vista?

Dallan Invictus posted:

Also, one trick that so far seems to be working for me (this thread made me try and find the game, damn you!) to get this to run on Vista is: instead of running the KODP executable itself, try running "mtplay95" in the MT subfolder, and then when it asks you for a file to open, go to the KODP/Opal subfolder and open opal.mfx. The game starts and runs well enough, and I haven't had any problems this way so far.

(note that you'll also want to run as admin or a user with write privileges in the folder where the program is, and ideally you'll want to force 800x600 or 640x480 desktop resolution, because the game won't expand to fill larger screens.)

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