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by Mystic Mongol

Part 82: 1335: Dragonewts

With that taken care of, it's back to the old grind.

First, a shrine is built to Barntar, for the Vigor blessing. This will allow our farmers to work more fields, which is good because we've cleared more farmland.

Then, Korstardos the overworked is sent to buy food from the Cabbage Ducks.

Finally, Brangbane the generic is sent to find out what happened to Elenu the dead.

A dragonewt appears at your boundaries and demands the return of his old body. "You have something of mine," it hisses. "My old body. Come here to recover it. Give now -- both of us avoid entanglement."

Attack the dragonewt.

Offer it compensation instead of the body.

"We don't have your body."

"We have your body, but won't give it to you."

Let the dragonewt have its old body.

Insist that it compensate you for the body.

We might beat a lone dragonewt. But then other dragonewts might come and... remember the Dragonkill War.

How would you feel if you learned the dragonewts were wearing our ancestors?

Even a lone dragonewt will probably cost us lives.

We owe no obligations to those who do not follow our laws -- especially inhuman ones.

Tell it that we gave the body to the Squat Oaks. That'll show them!