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Part 81: 1335: Priestesses of Chalanna Arroy

Paid in full. The carls are a little upset, but the carls are always a little upset.

I was wondering when we would hear back from them. I guess they're gone forever.

There we go. The item might be good, or it might not--

--but I'm not going to risk keeping the sorcerous implements. Korstardos accepted their first offer and left their tula at a dead run. By the time they realize we've sold them enriched uranium, Korstardos will have been long home.

We don't have many hunters, but they're practically tripping over the Blue Jays in our woods. I gave the order to have them all committed to farming.

Looks like we didn't get too much food from the harvest either, so no feast, and Korstardos is going right back outside to buy some food. Maybe he can sell all those goods we got off the Rangdani.

Priestesses of Chalanna Arroy from many different clans have gathered together to pay homage to their goddess. As part of their devotions, they are traveling to various tulas and offering to heal the sick and the wounded. They ask only that you promise to aid them in the future, when your aid is needed. The more people they heal, the greater the favor they will ask. The people are honored by their visit.

There are 16 people sick.

Ask them to heal all of our sick and wounded.

Ask them to heal half of our sick and wounded.

Ask them to heal a few of our sick and wounded.

Decline their offer.

Decline their offer; Give them gifts.

Everyone loves and respects priestesses of Chalana Arroy; if we gift them, other clans will look upon us favorably.

The priestesses will come back later to ask for one cow for every two people healed.

Did I ever tell you the story about what happened when Eurmal lifted Chalana Arroy's skirt to see what was underneath?