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Part 306: 1353: Elmali Rituals

I guess no one is upset that we didn't march off to battle against the living incarnation of death. It's nice they were so understanding about the mess.

There, we've finally completed research on the Elmal Heroquest. We should be ready to perform it next year.

Members of the cult of Elmal, loyal thane and horse friend, approach you with an offer. As part of their homage to their god, they wish to perform a ritual to improve the bloodlines of all the horses in Dragon Pass. They're willing to perform this ritual for you. A drunken trickster seems to feature somehow in the ritual, which they insist must be performed in secret in a stead full of your best horses.

Accept their offer.

Accept their offer; give them reciprocal gifts.

Accept their offer; tell them you owe them a favor.

Ask them what happens during the ritual.

Refuse them.

Many of them are Badgers, who dislike us already. Perhaps this is a good chance to improve our relations with them.

Their ritual is a powerful one; we're lucky to get this offer.


I can't help but wonder what role the trickster plays.

I'm glad it's not me in that horse costume.