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Part 305: 1353: Goldentooth's Rampage

The Merry Marauder posted:

Goldentooth is a Harrowed horseman sent back in time to kill Ortossi! I wouldn't want to be the Issarite who has to explain Windslayer's already dead!

So I was wrong. Huh! Cool.

Well, I guess we hid in our tula shivering like children, while the personification of death attacked our neighbors.


Korstardos completed his trading mission... he was offered the unimpressive, "Flesh Man," which makes attempts to resurrect more successful. I've never cast resurrect and don't plan on ever casting it, but it's a treasure and I have nothing better to spend our goods on, so I paid ninety seven goods for it.

Sun indeed "helps ripen our crops" which I presume means boosting our crop output. The new ritual is, as always, a mystery.

Your traders go to visit the clan attacked by Jaldon Goldentooth, and find devastation there. The Wolf clan has seen one in five of its warriors slain, and many others wounded. Its fortifications have been severely damaged. The raiders drove off many herds of animals and looted the steads.

Demand tribute from them.

Give them food.

Give them trade goods.

Lend them the services of your weaponthanes.

Send carls to help rebuild their fortifications.

Do nothing.

The other clans will like us if we help the Wolves. That is, so long as our efforts fatten the Wolves for their raids.

If we ask for too much tribute, they will go down fighting. Ask for twenty cows.

If we ask for too much tribute, they will go down fighting. Ask for seventy-five cows.

If we send Carls, our fields will fill with weeds. But that is nothing compared with the losses the Wolves have suffered.

Allow me to entertain them with my japes and fragrant mudpies.