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Part 3: Clan Creation Part III

Even Lhankor Mhy , the Knowing God had trouble remembering all the knowledge he had accrued over his long life, but he his creation of the first marking bone changed this. It allowed him to record the history of our people, and as our ancestors were there, to this day we are the most skilled at history and custom. When the other clans needed a matter of protocol resolved, they would turn to us.

Orlanth succeeded in remaking the world, and thus began the golden era called the Storm Age. Orlanth's son, Vingkot was a famous warlord during this time. Most of the people in the area were among his followers. Many people who would not have survived joined his tribes. He was a great organizer and helped the many scattered people form into new clans and tribes. Your clan was one of those aided by King Vingkot. After you proved yourself robust and capable of survival, Vingkot placed a remnant people under your protection. They were the Nalda Bin, or "Stick Farmers." You had a choice whether to make them into thralls (slaves) or adopt them as members of your clan.

How did you add these strangers?

Adopted Family


The marking bone wasn't magical, it was a pencil. The Hidden Place was magical. Well, now we've got a tribe of drunk historians.

The Nalda Bin have been and gone a long time by the time the game starts, their descendants absorbed into the clan. This question is one of president--are we a warm and welcoming clan, or will outsiders never be one of us? Whichever we choose, if we later defy the will of our ancestors, our clan's magic will suffer.