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Part 151: Billy Bishop's Flying School

Alectai posted:

I bit the bullet and picked this game up. Unfortunately, I'm getting my ass kicked by real dick random events, I tend to lose in war, and I find it difficult to get a proper economy going.

Also, I don't know how to clear forests

Any point-form details that are good to keep in mind to not be a complete fucking failure at this game?

I don't know why some people have such trouble with the game. Do you have seven people on your clan? Do you always have a trickster, and are you wiling to reset until you get one? Do you ever sacrifice for mysteries without spending on mysteries at the beginning of the year, or ever fewer than 14 goods? Maximum crafters, no hunters? Are you not playing a war clan like a chump? Only one enemy at a time? Keeping your miracles down to a minimum of whatever you're up to now? Focusing on beating out a working economy? Exploring the hell out of your own tula?