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Part 150: 1341: Bloodsisters

Right now it looks like Umathkar has a slight edge--feel free to continue arguing about it, we haven't formally decided until we send one on a heroquest.

Even with the new temple to Chalana Arroy, the tula is still full of sick people--more than ever! A large sacrifice to Chalana Arroy cures many of them, so they'll be free to participate in the planting.

A young warrior woman of your clan, Brenna, comes to the clan hall with a warrior woman of the Jenestni clan, which you are feuding with. The other young woman's name is Ferena. Brenna declares that she and Ferena have undergone a ritual and declared themselves blood sisters. They will fight to defend one another, to the death if necessary. They say that we should follow their example, and end our foolish and destructive feud with the Jenestni.

Make peace with the Jenestni clan.

Outlaw Brenna.

Respect their sisterhood, but refuse to seek peace.

Tell Brenna you will think about what she has said.

"This ritual of sisterhood has no legal merit."

We are stronger than our foe, so we can demand reparations if we sue for peace.

The ritual of sisterhood contravenes our rights; she is a troublemaker, and we should outlaw her.

Although I have not seen such a ceremony performed before, new rituals are always possible.

The ritual is sealed in blood; we are obliged to honor it.

Personally, I prefer Brenna here to either Umathkar or Korlaman. Pity she's not an option. But then, she's done something, which is more than we've given Umathkar or Korlaman a chance to do.