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Part 86: 1336: Blue Jay Warriors Seek Passage

Uh... great, then, I guess.

Korstardos sustains the unsustainable for yet another season.

About three pages back, someone asked me to explore here, so I sent Hofstaring off to die.

Ortossi is back, along with the nine warriors we sent with him. Apparently they saved Dragon Pass! Isn't that nice.

I really wish they had brought back some undead kingdom treasure.

Thinks are looking a little bleak at the moment, so I turned to our greatest treasure to carry us through.


Then more warriors are recruited. There's got to be a better way to defend the clan.

The warriors of the Blue Jay clan have massed along your borders. They demand safe passage through your tula so they can attack the Apple clan by surprise. They have long been feuding with the Apples, but the conflict has recently been aggravated by the killing of Blue Jay horses, which the Blue Jays blame on the Apples.

Allow them to travel through your lands.

Drive them off.

Offer to make peace between the two clans.

"Please do not involve us in your feud."

Refuse them.

Offer to join in.

The Blue Jays have never listened to us in the past. We should not think that they will now.

Legally, the Apples could consider us complicit in the Blue Jay's attacks. Whether they do or not is another question.

I wouldn't mind going with them to crack a few skulls.

It will be very difficult to make peace between these two clans.