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Part 310: 1354: Plots of the Aranwyth

And so we start 1354.

A number of you suggested (and by suggested, I mean implied that I was performing rituals for Elmal) that instead of expanding my pastures, I could slaughter excess pigs and sheep for food--which begs the question, how effective would this be?

Slaughtering every single sheep and pig we had would feed our people for almost a year. This is dumb, I won't do it.

Also popular: Start building giant temples. Sure, that sounds good. First up, I'm building a temple to Orlanth, because if you have a temple larger than the one to your patron god, your magic suffers and your carls sulk. The Orlanth temple is currently supporting Rain, a crop boosting spell, Thunder, a spell that increases combat effectiveness, and Woad, a spell that protects our farmers from harm.

Felesta, an Ernalda priestess of the Aranwyth tribe, comes to report that her tribe is plotting war against ours. "This Saraska, who claims divine sanction in her quest to make a kingdom, has convinced our king that conquest is the only way. There is always another way, and I beseech you to help find it."

Ally with King Vandarl and support Saraska's cause.

Confront King Vandarl with your knowledge of his plans.

Make war on them before they make war on you.

Prepare for an Aranwyth attack.

Wait for further developments.

Better to know now, then be surprised later.

If we cannot stop a war, we must prepare for one.

Vandarl is only using Saraska. He plans on founding a kingdom, and then taking the throne for himself.

Don't go rushing into battle now, when we need to sow our crops.

Before striking at Bad King Urgrain, Oskul said, "It is better to act than wait."

I can convince Vandarl to cancel his war plans.