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Part 311: 1354: Time to Go Questing Again

Aww, I was hoping that'd be some crazy wacky go nuts plans with twenty trained pigs and the sheep costume needed to smuggle the across the borders--but no, everything was super reasonable.

This time I'm sure we're done hearing about this woman.

How can we take a clan leader like this seriously?

Anyway, it's time to start another heroquest. We just did a new one last year, and Reading Comprehension (the game) is probably the most popular thing I do here, so instead we'll just rerun an old quest.

The question is, what are we trying to achieve?

Note well: Besides Umathkar, no one in the top nine bargainers of our tribe is under the age of fifty... we don't have the raw materials to start training a new bargainer, so let's hope Korstardos doesn't drop dead any time soon.