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Part 424: 1362: Carls Complain

The party was a big success. I hope this encourages more people to give us free stuff.

The entire Dark season is spent promoting carls to the position of Weaponthane, to make up for our slackening military power.

Good thing, too, as our trip to Kero Fin wasn't exactly successful.

Your carls come to you to complain that all of the time they must spend tending the herb gardens is interfering with the production of important crops. "you may have promised the Rangdani we would grow these things, but you did not understand how much work it would mean for us. Certainly, some of them make our food taste better, but it isn't worth it just to please those crazy Rangdani."

Ask the Rangdani to release you from your obligation.

Find a few new cottars to tend the gardens.

Stop growing the herbs.

Scold the carls for their constant complaining.

"Come now. You exaggerate the threat to the crops."

The Rangdani will not be pleased if we try to wheedle out of our promise to them.

The obligation to the Rangdani is part of the tribe-making oath. The other clans will resent us if we win release from it.

Despite this matter, the carls are in good spirits. They will respond to reason.

The carls are jealous of the praise that the weaponthanes have been getting of late.

Our grain crops are more important than these spice plants.

We cannot force the weaponthanes to rootabout in dirt.