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Part 423: 1362: Gifts from the Squat Oaks

A proud new chapter in our people's history has begun. For the first time, man and duck can stand as equal, side by side, facing a beautiful future resolute and confident. What other nation can claim to have accepted the duck as thoroughly as we have? Clearly, the Garstali are a glowing example to the lesser races of man the world over.

The Blue Jays, hearing we had acquired the aid of such powerful warriors, surrendered again.

At Redtail's request, we reduced our demands slightly. They accepted our terms for surrender. We are now at peace with all of Dragon Pass once again!

Which means we need to try a little harder to find things to fight.

The trolls were a mighty opponent, and manage to sneak in as we sat waiting for them, but fell to our savage warriors. Not one of our men died, and our fields were well soaked by the troll's foul blood.

To give thanks to the gods, Enent has been sent west to pray upon the slopes of Kero Fin.

Jarnandar, a prosperous herdsman of the Squat Oak clan, has come as an emissary from his clan leaders. He has gifts for you; he says they are worth 26 cows altogether.

Accept the gifts.

Accept the gifts; throw a feast for the Squat Oak thanes.

Give Jernandar a reciprocal gift.

Refuse to accept the gifts.

Threaten to raid them unless they give you more.

If we feasted them, we would bring cheer to our own people and theirs.

It would be generous to give them a reciprocal gift.

We can use their gift to arm ourselves well. Then we can provoke a fight with the elves, and slay them.

After Bad King urgrain lost many battles, he tried making peace by giving gifts. He gave musty cloth full of holes, flat beer, and rotten grain. And this caused the other clans to rise up and smash him.