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Part 487: 1370: Wounded Uroxian

And now all the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass have badass singing werewolves to teach them how to howl under the moon. Give it five years, and Orlaront will be able to negotiate barley prices in the dead of night, without having to leave the tula. He'll probably wake people up, though.

Not picuted: We've been having a lot of events rapid fire, and when I finally got back to the management screen, I decided to heal Terasarin's wounds, as he's been unable to give advice for some time now. Unfortunately, I selected "Curing" (heals the sick) instead of "Healing" (heals the wounded) so instead of getting Terasarin back, I cured the sniffles of three of the farmers. Arrrrrrgh.

A wounded warrior stumbles desperately into the clan hall, an arm outstretched in a silent plea for help. From the symbols he wears, you recognize him as a holy warror of Urox the Storm Bull. He says he was ambushed by Chaos worshippers. After you tend to him, what do you do?

Don't even tend to him; tell him to seek help elsewhere.

Tend to his wounds, and increase patrols.

Heal thim, then lend warriors to fight against Chaos.

Let him stay as long as he wants.

See him on his way as soon as he's well.

If we are too rude to him, he will make trouble. If we are too welcoming, he and his friends will come here, and make trouble.

Storm Bulls are not exactly lawless. But most of them feel that rules are for other people.

Storm Bull is brother to Orlanth. He is the bad wind. He is the smiter of Chaos, and the breaker of furniture.

He looks like a jolly fellow; I don't see what you're all afraid of.