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Part 488: 1370: Vengeful Boys

We lost a single footman, and none of the weaponthanes. That'll show that Uroxi who's best at killing chaos monster!

I tried healing Terasarin again, and this time cast the right miracle.

Successfully founding a trade route with the Varmandi knocked off our route with the Bayberries. I really wish we had an Issarite to put on the ring, but what can you do?

Blast Earth nails another clan, doing damage to their properties. This is an excellent spell for making enemies, but not so good at making things better for your own clan.

Young boys of the Bayberry clan, not even men yet, come to your tula and attack another young boy with a sword. Fortunately, the victim's mother, Domasa Glendarasdaughter, is able to separate teh boys before any real harm could be done. It turns out that the Bayberry Boys are sons of Norpent Rangardasson, who was slain by Domasa and her late brother Brodasart when they recovered the stolen stallion Tempest from Randarda Dark-Eyes. The boys seek vengeance in their father's name, even though they are too young to have a right to it.

Convince the boys to renounce vengeance.

Kill the boys.

Let them go.

Ransom the boys to the Bayberry clan.

Take them back to their clan.

We must not let this old feud further worsen relations with the Bayberries.

Domasa married into the Bayberries a while back, but her husband divorced her, fearing that she would become as vengeful as her mother, Glendara. So Domasa lives with us again, even though she is expecting a child.

They are not men, and are not yet accountable for their actions.

Vengeance is like a snake swallowing its tail -- its end is never in sight.

King Oskul was slain not in a glorious battle, like the ones he fought against Bad King Urgrain, but was killed by a rock-throwing boy, in a feud he swore to end.

There are only seven more days left in our fake event contest. It looks like the competition is light this time, so every entry stands tall and proud!